Avanzare Innovacion Tecnologica SL

Country: Spain  
Adress: Avenida Lentiscares 4-6, Navarrete, La Rioja  
Contact: Julio Gomez  
Phone: +34 941587027  


AVANZARE is an SME which develops and produces nanomaterials and additives based on ready-to-use nanointermediates (solid and liquid dispersions of nanoparticles) for their application in surface or bulk in the materials industry. Avanzare is the global reference in the application of added-value NANOINTERMEDIATES.

Moreover, Avanzare is the European leader in graphene and other artificial 2D nanomaterials such as magnesium hydroxide, zinc hydroxide and double layered hydroxides. The firm also produces other nanoparticles such as silver, copper, silica and zinc oxide.

The company produces cost-effective nanomaterials and formulations for multiple industries:  automotive, aeronautic, fabric, wood, paper, rubber and building industries, wire & cable sector and manufacturers of household appliances and packaging applications.