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WITec GmbH

Country: Germany  


Success in Focus
WITec GmbH develops and produces innovative nano-analytical microscope sytems. The company with its headquarters in Ulm (Germany) and branch offices in Spain, Japan, Singapore and the USA employs 50 staff. True to its motto, “Focus Innovations” WITec continually brings the latest technologies and techniques to scientists facing new challenges in the field of high-resolution microscopy.


Founded in 1997, WITec has become the leading manufacturer of confocal and scanning-probe microscopes for state-of-the-art Raman, Atomic Force (AFM), Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM) and combined Raman Imaging / Scanning Electron (RISE) microscopy. Based on the rigorous development of pioneering solutions for demanding high-resolution imaging, WITec offers an innovative product portfolio centered on a microscope design that enables combinations of the various imaging techniques within one system. This makes WITec’s modular systems the apt choice for leading-edge correlative microscopy, as demonstrated by the world’s first integrated AFM-Raman and RISE microscopy solutions.


To this day, WITec’s confocal microscopes are unrivaled in sensitivity, resolution and imaging capabilities. Substantial and sustained investments in research and development are the foundation of WITec’s enduring success and innovative strength.


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