Jacek Gołębiowski

Jacek Gołębiowski

Country: Poland  
Institution: Imperial College London more...

Undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Warsaw

Master’s degree from Theory and Simulation of Materials at Imperial College London

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/JacekGolebiowski
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ESR Project:

The primary purpose of this project is to study functionalized carbon nanotube (CNT)- polymer composites in order to propose a mechanism capable of measuring strain and/or monitoring failure of the composite element via changes in electronic conductivity. Firstly, focus was put on investigating the electronic struc- ture and conductivity of functionalized CNTs using Density-Functional Theory (DFT) in order to establish a method of conductance control.

The second part of the project will be concerned with investigating the properties of functionalized CNT-polymer composites and the mechanism of load transfer through the interface composed of functional groups.
Potential Applications: CNT-polymer composites exhibit better mechanical properties than most of the conventional structural materials; this could make them a great choice for demanding industrial applications. However, challenging conditions can compromise the composite integrity decreasing its strength therefore in order to prevent critical failure a good deformation diagnostic tool in necessary.
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