Sandra Fisher

Sandra Fisher

Country: Canada  
Institution: Imperial College London more...

Bachelor´s Degree
BASc in Materials Engineering at University of Toronto, Thesis title - “Optimization of the electrodeposition of nanocrystalline Cu-SiC composites for Cu-Be replacement”.

Master´s Degree MSc in Advanced Composite Materials at Imperial College London, Thesis Title – “Tensile Strength of Fibre Bundles for Hierarchical Ductile Composites”

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ESR Project:

The primary aim of this project is to develop a new method to fully characterize, in three-dimensions, the distribution, orientation and interfacial properties of nanocarbons in polymeric matrices. A combination of Raman spectroscopy techniques as well new 3D imaging technology integrated with scanning electron microscopy will be used to study the arrangements in a range of samples. A full picture of the arrangement across length scales from nm to cm will be obtained and correlated to the material properties. Through accomplishing these goals validation for simulations and optimization of manufacturing processes will also be achieved.

Potential Applications: The current characterization methods give a very limited view of nanocomposites. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the nano/micro structures of these nanocomposites in relation to the macro-level properties the full potential of these outstanding materials can be exploited.
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