Stylianos Tsopanidis

Stylianos Tsopanidis

Country: Greece  
Institution: University of Minho more...

Bachelor in Physics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Bachelor thesis: “Detection of the time series chaotic component by means of artificial neural networks”.

Master in Physics
Lund University, Sweden
Master thesis: “Nanostructured material for water splitting applications”.

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ESR Project:

The main objective of this project is the simulation of optical, electrical and electromagnetic shielding properties of nanostructured polymer composites depending on filler type and material morphology. The development of simulation model that calculates the conductivity of the composites will assist in understanding the electrical behavior of these materials. Once the electrical properties are defined, the next step is the modeling of the electromagnetic shielding properties. Finally, the optical properties of polymer nanocomposites will be studied, with focus on the simulation of the light scattering properties for applications in the Optical Coherence Tomography diagnostics.

Potential Applications: