Veniero Lenzi

Veniero Lenzi

Country: Italy  
Institution: University of Minho more...

Bachelor in Physics
obtained at University of Pisa. Thesis about the detectability of stochastic background of gravitational waves.

Master in Theoretical Physics
obtained at University of Pisa, with a master thesis focused on simulation of polymeric liquids near the glass transition.
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ESR Project:

I am working on modelling of nanostructured phase-separated polymeric materials (i.e. Polyurethanes) at every stage of their processing. I will use several methods covering different length and time scales, from quantum mechanics calculations to molecular dynamics and coarse grained models. A particular attention will be devoted in the modeling of chemical reactions in order to study phenomena as self-assembling and network formation. The final goal is to understand how mechanical and optical properties of nano/microstructured polymeric materials depend upon processing parameters.

Potential Applications:

A deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms that rule the properties of nano/micro structured polymeric materials will be a powerful tool to realize tailoring of their properties and to optimize all the industrial steps involved in production and processing.

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