Imanol Recio Erquicia

Imanol Recio Erquicia

Country: Spain  
Institution: Avanzare Innovacion Tecnologica S.L. more...

Bachelor in chemical sciences –
Universidad de Alicante / Universitat d’Alacant (2005-2010, 330ECTS)

Master in fine and molecular chemistry –
Universidad de Murcia (2010-2011, 60ECTS)

Masters thesis
on Treatment of cellulose with [Bmim][Cl] for its enzymatic hydrolysis.

Member of TOPBiO Marie Curie ITN
working on organic chromophores synthesis at Université de Bordeaux (2012-2014)

List of Publications: Poster presentation at NanoSpain 2016
see Poster
ESR Project: The objective of the proposed subproject is the development of new polymeric nanocomposites based on layered nanoparticles. Different techniques of synthesis, intercalation and functionalization of 2D nanomaterials will be studied for the preparation of nanocomposites by liquid techniques such as in-situ polymerization or melt compounding. The mechanical, electrical and barrier properties of the composites will be characterized, aiming to systematize the relation between nanoparticles chemistry and structure and properties and to simplify the creation of future materials with suitable properties.
Project Video: